FotoFlexer_PhotoAppraisal Guideline:

On an FHA appraisal, the case # is assigned to the property and is valid for 6 months.  What this means is…

If an FHA appraisal is completed, and the property falls out of contract…the original appraisal and value must be used if the home is sold within 6 months from the original appraisal date, and financed thru FHA financing.    

This is important for agents on either side of a transaction.  As a listing agent, it would be prudent to ask your client if they have had an FHA appraisal within the past 6 months.  And as the sellers agent, you would want to know that as well.

Beginning January, 2010…the 6 month case # assignment will be reduced to 120 days (4 months).

NOTE: If you want to see if a condo complex is approved,  click on “Condo Approval” link and search by zip code. It will give a list of ALL condo complexes that are approved and that have been rejected.