Erin Meredith closes loans on time!  Realtors, Financial Planners and Consumers choose to work with Erin and The Meredith Mortgage Team, because she has integrity and she gets the job done!  She maps out a timeline that keeps both the realtor and borrower informed at all times.  Erin focuses on purchase transactions, rather than refinances; and always closes on time!  Prior to becoming a mortgage broker, Erin was the West Coast Regional Sales Manager for a high-tech Silicon Valley based company.  When Erin bought her first home, she developed an interest in helping people make informed decisions when it came to the financing of a home loan.  Erin has a degree in Business Administration, is CalPERS certified, and a CMPS Mortgage Specialist®.  You will find Erin to be a great business partner and valuable resource!



Kathleen Meredith is a native Californian who for the past 30 years has lived and worked in the Danville community, raising her son Chris, a well-respected teacher and coach, and her daughter, Erin, a successful mortgage broker.  Kathleen’s professional background includes marketing for a title insurance company, real estate sales, resale and new homes, and was one of the first to introduce the concept of real estate staging with her successful business, “First Impressions” in the early 1980s.  Kathleen has seen the up and down cycles that are inevitable in real estate and her experience brings wisdom, integrity, and optimism for what is to come. 

We are committed to becoming your partner by building your trust and always exceeding your expectations.


The Meredith Mortgage Team

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Erin & Kathleen

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