A few words on integrity.

In a world of high-tech, instant emails and instant gratification, there seems to be an ever growing sense of impersonality within our midst. We overhear personal conversations at the deli counter. We see people waiting in offices, enveloped in their mobile laptop and blackberrry. We seldom know our postal carrier, and we don’t even have a milkman or butcher anymore.
We’ve become unaccountable; hiding behind electronic doodads so we don’t have to face each other eye to eye in total honesty.

It used to be a handshake was all it took to confirm in stone our business intentions. Now, we have to engrave our signatures in blue ink, notarized with seals of approval. We simply do not do what we say we will do… we lack integrity.

What ever happened to integrity? Whether you define it as a core value system, or being honest, you’re only half right. Those are some components of integrity…but it is so much more.

Integrity in whole, respects a unity a completeness of consistent principles and ethics – which comprise a value system that never sways, never erodes. It is committed to authenticity– direct accountability. It doesn’t concede to infallibility, but rather is a refusal to engage in incorrect behavior and instead embraces the ethics of correcting fallibilities under a moral guideline.

According to famed law professor, Stephen Carter, integrity imposes three distinct steps as such:

1. The discernment of what is right and wrong.
2. Acting on what one discerns as right and wrong even at a personal cost.

3. Stating you are acting on your discernment of right from wrong.

In this model, integrity isn’t honesty. It is an act of thinking and taking action on what is right and remaining accountable for those actions regardless of its outcome.

What we need more than ever is to remember that behind every keystroke is a person who needs to remain accountable, reliant, efficient and trustworthy. We need to remain ethical in our high-tech world, and remain steadfast in our society’s definition of integrity.

 The Meredith Mortgage Team

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