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Settlement Procedures Act

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Warning: Foreclosure Scams

 -   Loan Servicing Scams
 -   Foreclosure Rescue Scams: Another Potential Stress for Homeowners in Distress
 -   Mortgage Fraud Information from the FBI
 -   Consumer Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Foreclosure Avoidance and Mortgage Assistance

 -   Contact a HUD Approved Housing Counselor in Your Area
 -   Making Home Affordable
 -   Hope for Homeowners: Foreclosure Avoidance
 -   Guide to Avoiding Foreclosure
 -   Explore Workout Solutions with Your Lender


 -   HUD’s new settlement cost booklet [Icon: New]
 -   RESPA Plain English 12-09 [Icon: New]
 -   New RESPA Rule FAQs (Updated 11/19/09)
 -   RESPA Final Rule
 -   Good Faith Estimate
 -   Good Faith Estimate Instructions
 -   Fillable Good Faith Estimate
 -   HUD-1
 -   HUD-1 Instructions
 -   Fillable Hud-1
 -   HUD1-A
 -   Regulatory Impact Analysis
 -   Withdrawal of Revised Definition of
“Required Use”


RESPA is about closing costs and settlement procedures. RESPA requires that consumers receive disclosures at various times in the transaction and outlaws kickbacks that increase the cost of settlement services. RESPA is a HUD consumer protection statute designed to help homebuyers be better shoppers in the home buying process, and is enforced by HUD.

 -   More about RESPA
 -   FAQ’s for Homebuyers
 -   FAQ’s about Escrow Accounts
 -   Know Your Borrower’s Rights
 -   Your Rights and the Responsibilities of the Mortgage Servicer
 -   Sample Complaint to Lender
 -   Buying Your Home: Settlement Costs
 -   Property Tax Alert
 -   Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Act Information
 -   State and Local Consumer Agencies
 -   Other Federal Resources
 -   Statute
 -   Final Rules & Regulations
 -   Proposed Rules
 -   Statements of Policy
 -   Program Guidance
 -   Federal Register Notices
 -   Public Guidance Documents
 -   FAQ’s for Industry
 -   Settlement Agreements
 -   Joint Report to Congress
 -   Legal Proceedings


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HUD is requiring that loan originators provide borrowers with a standard Good Faith Estimate that clearly discloses key loan terms and closing costs and that closing agents provide borrowers with a new HUD-1 settlement statement. New RESPA regulations were published November 17, 2008 and are scheduled to take full effect on January 1, 2010. The “New RESPA Rule FAQs” were comprised from industry questions and are posted to facilitate implementation of these new requirements.  

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