Quick Sales Scripts


Our brief scripts will help you handle tough questions and comments from consumers.


FSBO Objection

They Say: “I don’t need an agent. I know my home better than any real estate practitioner.”

You Say: “I’m sure that’s true, but knowing your competition can give you a huge advantage. I will be in your neighborhood previewing homes that compare to yours. Would you like to join me? Also, do you have any other selling concerns I can assist you with?”

— Cheri Alguire, Business Coach, www.ProRealEstateCoach.com


They Say: “I heard that agents will still show my home if I just have it on the MLS and don’t work with a real estate professional.”

You Say: “That’s true, some may show it. But what arrangements have you made for compensating associates who show your home? I may have some suggestions for you on how to attract more practitioners. Are you available sometime soon to discuss a few options?”

— Cheri Alguire, Business Coach, www.ProRealEstateCoach.com

They Say: “I want to look at houses before sitting down and talking about searching for homes.”

You Say: “There are two ways I can help you look for houses. The first way is to simply take you out and show you houses, which would be a disservice to you. The second way is to take a little time to answer your questions, give you a copy of all the documents you’ll be seeing, and put you in a position to make better decisions. The choice is yours, and I think you will find the second way extremely valuable. So would you prefer to just look at some houses, or would you like to sit down and get a better understanding of the process first to save time in the end?”

— Rich Levin, Real Estate Trainer and Coach, www.richlevin.com

They Say: “If we reduce the price of our house, will you reduce your commission?”

You Say: “That’s an interesting thought, but let me ask you a question. Has there ever been a time in your life when you had to accept something that was outside of your control? That’s what’s happening right now. It’s the market determining your price, and that’s truly out of our control. When your price goes down, so does my commission. So we are both in this together. Now, let’s work together to get this sold!”

— Donna Fleetwood, co-author of “Now What Do I Say?” www.harrisburghomes.com

They Say: “I am too busy to make an offer or even look right now.”

You Say: “I am just curious, is there a way you set aside two hours in your schedule each week so you can search for homes? I don’t want to see you miss some of the great opportunities for buyers right now, such as the $8,000 tax credit and low interest rates.”

— Cheri Alguire, Business Coach, www.ProRealEstateCoach.com

They say: “I don’t want to hire a real estate agent because I can’t afford to pay the commission.”

You Say: “I understand exactly how you feel. Most people in this economy who have sold their homes successfully have felt the same way. But they probably lost money when they chose not to use a real estate practitioner.

“Here’s why: This year, and every year for decades, the National Association of REALTORS® survey of sellers found that home owners who do not use a real estate pro sold their home for an average of 20 percent less than a home represented by a practitioner. So even with the commission of (insert %), you are likely to make more money. And people who don’t use a real estate pro, despite their best efforts, usually sell their homes for far less.” 

— Rich Levin, Real Estate Trainer and Coach, www.richlevin.com

They say: “If I can’t get $x for my house, I can’t afford to sell.”

You say: “I understand your concerns. Have you considered what you will net if you get that amount? Let’s take a closer look at the numbers including what it is costing you each month if the property doesn’t sell. Could I stop by and explain those numbers to you later today?” 

— Cheri Alguire, Business Coach, www.ProRealEstateCoach.com

They say: “How come my home didn’t sell when it was on the market before?”

You say: “With the current market we are in, there are so many houses that are similar on the market. In order to get your house to stand out on the MLS, it is important to market it so that it stands out. Can I share with you how I market homes differently on the MLS than I do for potential buyers in, say, the newspaper? Can we meet later today?”

— Cheri Alguire, Business Coach, www.ProRealEstateCoach.com