New Smart Phone Applications Simplify House Shopping

House hunting? There’s an app for that!

This article in a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal, highlights new smart phone tools that could really come in handy for those in search of a new nest. Even cooler? Many of these apps are free! they were created by real estate brokers, who hope they’ll help smooth out the (sometimes rocky) process of home buying for potential clients. The apps function as portable versions of the websites that many brokers already offer. And, hey, they’re way more useful than the time-sucking apps we usually download (touch-screen skee ball anyone?).

Cruising through the offerings, we like the look of the Zillow Real Estate app, which uses GPS to pinpoint your exact location on an aerial map. Then, you can click on homes of interest for more information, like number of bedrooms, square footage, and pricing history for the listing. You can also search other neighborhoods and check out the offerings, saving yourself a little shoe leather if nothing looks promising.

And for our fellow New Yorkers (and real estate junkies in other cities), we’re big fans of the New York Times real estate website. As of this month, they have an identical (free!) iPhone app, too. You can save your favorite listings, browse through neighborhoods, and spot nearby open houses.

Has a smart phone app helped your house hunt? Share your experiences, below