March 30, 2010


Investors to Pick Up Slack in Mortgage Backs
Private investors are expected to begin purchasing mortgage securities after the Federal Reserve stops their program at the end of the week, which should keep rates about the same.
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Geithner: Commercial Troubles Can Be Managed
Though dozens of banks may collapse due to commercial real estate losses, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says “we can manage through this process.”
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NAR Lobbies for Related Issues
In the first quarter of 2009, NAR spent $5.6 million lobbying the federal government.
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Aid Expanded to States Hit by Unemployment
The U.S. Treasury announced plans for a second round of funding from TARP for North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, and South Carolina.
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MLS Group Seeks Top-Level .MLS Domain
Fifteen multiple listing services have come together to form a nonprofit to build a .MLS for the Internet.
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Loan Changes Could Alter Market
Next week, the FHA will raise upfront mortgage insurance premiums, which could have an adverse effect on the market.
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