Nobody Cares About Your Custom Facebook Page

May 4, 2010 by Todd Carpenter · 25 Comments
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By Todd Carpenter, Social Media Manager, National Association of REALTORS®

This is my opinion, based on anecdotal evidence. If you think you can prove me wrong, please speak up.

All the social media experts are telling you you have to have a Facebook page for your business. Okay, that’s a good idea. But then they tell you to invest time and resources into customizing said Facebook page. They tell you to brand it with your colors and add listing data. They even tell you to direct your non-Facebook Web traffic to your Facebook page via some badge on your Web site, or mention it in your marketing material.

Hogwash. Sure, most of this advice will produce some success, but I’m not convinced it’s worth the return on investment. Read more

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We Want Your Facebook Tips!

January 20, 2010 by Brian Summerfield · 8 Comments
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By Brian Summerfield, Online Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

Are you on Facebook? Do you do business through it? If so, we want to hear about how you’ve leveraged this social network.

Specifically, we’re looking for your personal experiences with and insights on the following:

  • What are the most important steps to take in creating a Facebook fan page for your business or brokerage?
  • How can real estate pros be good “friends” on Facebook?

To share your ideas on these topics, contact Online Editor Brian Summerfield at

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The most important social network to participate on is your own.

December 29, 2009 by Todd Carpenter · 9 Comments
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By Todd Carpenter, NAR Social Media Manager

Online community building expert, Chris Brogan wrote an interesting article last week on what he would do if he was a REALTOR®. I disagree with his strategy not to talk about work, but that’s another post for another day. What I really like about his post is its focus on building online communities hosted by a REALTOR®

I’ve often been quoted from a presentation I did at SPARKt a year ago with regard to the rules of participating on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I compared them to church. Why do you go to church? Is it to play bingo? Do you go for the free crackers? Do you go so you can talk with your friends about football? What about this: Do you go to sell real estate? If you said yes to any of the above, you’re going to hell. You go to church to worship. If all that other stuff happens secondary to worshiping, great! But worshiping is why you’re there.

Online social networks are like any other social network (church, the Rotary or an Elk’s Club…). The key is to identify the rules for that network and work within them.

Consumers don’t turn to Facebook to find a new home. They might use it to find an agent. But if you did your job outside of the sales cycle, that consumer will already be connecting with you on your own social network when they’re ready to buy a home.

The most important social network to participate on is your own. Read more

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Top 10 Real Estate Developments of the ’00s: #8

December 11, 2009 by Brian Summerfield · 5 Comments
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By Brian Summerfield, Online Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

Our review of the top real estate developments in this decade rolls on with a look at the eighth-ranked entry: Read more

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The Socially Networked Neighborhood

November 15, 2009 by Brian Summerfield · 11 Comments
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By Brian Summerfield, Online Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

If you want to become recognized as your neighborhood’s real estate expert, you should create a fan page for it on Facebook, advises Max Pigman, vice president and national speaker at®. Pigman talked about how to get some marketing traction via social media in a Friday morning session at the 2009 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Diego.

He said that real estate pros can “take over” their neighborhoods if they create a fan page, invite residents to join it, and post updates regularly about community events and local real estate and development trends.

“This becomes the perfect place to assert that you’re the real estate expert for your area,” he said. “Every time you send an update, everyone can see it. If you get strategic with this, you can connect with your sphere at an unbelievable level.” Read more

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Social Media Best Practices

November 14, 2009 by Katherine Tarbox · 2 Comments
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By Katherine Tarbox, Senior Editor REALTOR® Magazine

Social media should be used to create communities and not to push listings out. You wouldn’t go to church to hand out your listings, and therefore, you shouldn’t do it through your Facebook page.

That was one of the main arguments presented by Ginger Wilcox, GRI, Kelley Koehler, and Mariana Wagner—all experts with the Social Media Marketing Institute—at the Introduction to Social Media session at the 2009 REALTORS® Convention & Expo this morning.

The panel advised real estate pros to think about using social media to connect with people to build relationships that will eventually lead to communities.  Read more

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Social Networking Gains Traction in Real Estate Tech Survey

August 7, 2009 by Erica Christoffer · 1 Comment
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By Erica Christoffer, Contributing Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

More REALTORS® are using social networking for their business than ever before, according to data in a recent report released by the Center for REALTOR® Technology (CRT).

The study, conducted in June, found that 84 percent of 1,189 respondents use some sort of social networking tools, a significant increase from 33 percent in 2008. Twenty-eight percent say they are comfortable with it and another 27 percent are somewhat comfortable.

The most popular Web site was Facebook, with 76 percent saying they use the site, followed by LinkedIn with 58 percent. Other popular sites include Twitter, ActiveRain, RealTown, Flickr and

The vast majority –76 percent of those surveyed — say they are looking to engage with consumers through social media sites. The report also shows that REALTORS® use social networking to connect with other REALTORS®, REALTOR® organizations, real estate vendors, and family and friends. Read more

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Facebook TMI

July 10, 2009 by Katherine Tarbox · 5 Comments
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By Katherine Tarbox, Senior Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

A friend sent me this article from The Washington Post, which basically outlines how Facebook plans to overhaul its privacy settings. They want to make our information less private and more searchable by Google in order to compete with Twitter and other social networking tools.

Even though I was one of the earlier Facebook users, I’ve been slow to adopt new applications when they launch a new version of the social networking site. In the earliest iterations of Facebook back in 2004, there were no status updates, let alone pictures, or information about my interests and hobbies.

Back in the Mesozoic Age of Facebook history, it was simply a virtual address book. Over time it seemed the Web site wanted more information about me: my hometown, my occupation, who I’m dating, and so forth. I played along, and updated my information when it was only for my close friends. Then more people began to sign up and request my friendship (my parents and co-workers) and I began cautiously updating my page. Read more

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Facebook Fan Pages: The Difference Between Asking and Earning.

June 29, 2009 by Todd Carpenter · 28 Comments
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By Todd Carpenter, Social Media Manager, National Association of REALTORS®

I’m getting a lot of these e-mails lately:

“XXXXXX became a fan of YYYYYY on Facebook and suggested you become a fan too.”

With the advent of fan pages, savvy real estate agents are adopting Facebook as a marketing tool and using these pages to promote their business. I think this is a great idea. However, asking me to become a fan of your page puts the cart before the horse.

What have you done to earn me as a fan? You asked? That’s not enough. I don’t think I’ve ever responded to one of those e-mails. Read more

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Using Social Media to Get Ahead in the Business

June 15, 2009 by Melissa Tracey · 1 Comment
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How can you use social media to reach out to your clients in the real estate business? More than 100 real estate pros met today in Chicago for the RE Bar Camp to brainstorm ways to better leverage social media for their business. Watch the video below to hear how some attendees are using social media. Also, check out the article Smart Ideas for Better Social Networking to glean more ideas from the conference.

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