Prices Rising Too Fast in Other Countries?
While the housing market in the U.S. is still on its way to recovery, values are increasing at a quick rate in China, Canada, and Australia.
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More Minorities Head to the Suburbs
A new study by the Brookings Institution reveals that many minority populations are moving out of urban areas.
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Major Home Builders Using Non-Union Labor
To cut their costs, some large home builders are switching from hiring union workers. The trend is particularly strong in Chicago and St. Louis.
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Home Values Impact All Areas of Economy
Experts still believe that the housing market is key to the economic growth. When real estate prices are low, the whole economy feels it.
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Real Estate Summit Tackles Financing Issues
As part of NAR’s Midyear Meetings in Washington, D.C., leading thinkers from the public and private sectors will join in a conversation about how to stabilize and strengthen the mortgage finance delivery system.
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Investors Swap Familiar New York Properties
Two Manhattan properties will get new owners in some of the largest real estate deals since the market downturn.
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Environment Report

House Approves Home Star Energy Rebates
The House of Representatives passed H.R. 5019: the Home Star Energy Rebate Act, sending the bill to the Senate for its consideration. The bill would establish the voluntary “Home Star” energy efficiency program to offer financial incentives including rebates to homeowners who choose to make energy-related home improvements. NAR successfully worked with members of Congress to add a strict prohibition on the use of the program as a de facto means of enacting energy labeling and will work to add these provisions in the Senate version of the legislation, S. 3177, which at this time, has been referred without further action to the Finance Committee.Contacts: Austin Perez, 202-383-1046

Contacts: Russell Riggs, 202-383-1259

Contacts: Helen Devlin, 202-383-7559