Green Buildings Owners Are a ‘Good Risk’
Insurer Liberty Mutual is debuting a new “green” general liability product for apartments and condominiums as well as offices, retail, and light-industrial buildings.

The program’s general liability coverage will eventually be available in all 50 states

The company will offer an indoor environment endorsement that covers bodily injury claims resulting from specialized air- and water-quality equipment and products; and an adverse publicity exposure endorsement that covers crisis planning, management, and consulting when a green building incurs bad publicity due to a construction defect.

“Green building owners are a good risk because they are more likely to maintain their property and to have in place a strong risk management plan to protect their facility,” Joseph Peloso, vice president of liability programs for Liberty International Underwriters, a division of Liberty Mutual, said in a statement.

Source: Liberty Mutual Group (05/03/2010)