Pay particular attention to question # 10 on the attachment “New FHA Lending Guidelines.”

Currently, in addition to re-running a credit report before funding a loan, Fannie Mae’s new Loan Quality Initiative is now also requiring a check of the two databases below:


If anyone’s name involved with the loan pops up on either of these databases the loan is ineligible for sale to FNMA.  This includes:


Loan agent

Borrower (s)

Escrow officer



Note: See additional list attached (who may be considered party (s) to the loan) on CMG’s LDP-GSA Research Form

@ Question from an agent:  “What does this mean to our current escrows?” 

Answer: Check the databases ~ Kathleen
@ Question from agent: “Should we check if we are listed on this web site before we open escrow?”

Answer:  I think that would be prudent ~ Kathleen

You can access the two databases directly on the web. The first one is a very short database and is easy to use.

The second database that must be checked requires a few more clicks and such.

When you get to the above site on the top left hand side you will see column that is labeled “Search – Current Exclusions”, the second item is “Multiple Names”, select that.

A box will pop up labeled “Important EPLS Multiple Name Search Information.” Toward the bottom of that box you will see …this search option will not be available. [X] Click on the little box, which will insert the check mark in the box. Next click the red X in the upper right hand corner. Make sure that the Exact Match (on the bottom of the search box is selected). You can input up to five names at once.

Note: the format for inputting the names: Exact Name Format: Last, First Middle or Last, First MI.

Now have fun and check yourself first.. HOWEVER this does not mean that someone’s name will not pop up on the list before doc’s are ordered.

One more issue to be concerned about!! We are here to help!  We work when you work!

Our Team checked our names and We are “all good”


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