Keeping You and Your Clients Safe Together

Conducting an open house or otherwise showing a house? Here are some ideas for reducing the chance of something bad happening to you or your clients while the house is open to strangers.

1. Encourage sellers to conceal valuables, prescription medications, alcohol, bank statements, and other personal documents.

2. Emphasize that anyone wishing to view the property must make an appointment with the listing agent. Those dropping by unannounced may not be who they say they are.

3. Recommended to clients that they remove their pets from the home during showings. They’ll be held liable if buyers or others are attacked.

4. Be wary if numerous visitors arrive at the end of an open house. It might be robbery, with some seeking to distract the sales associate while others move through the home in search of valuables.

5. Ensure that doors and windows are locked before leaving an open house or showing. The goal is to prevent potential thieves from returning later. And clients should be urged to check that doors are locked and valuables left in place as soon as they return home.

Source: Maryland REALTOR ® (09/01/2010)