Even in Frugal Times, Home Buying Interest Up

A survey of U.S. adults in September finds that many people continue to be very conservative about how they spend money.

The findings conclude:

· About 17 percent say they expect to have more money to move to a different home. That percentage is virtually unchanged since May 2009.

· Those who expect to buy a new house or condo are up from 7 percent in May to 10 percent in September.

· Those who expect to buy a boat or RV have doubled from 3 percent to 6 percent.

· About 10 percent expect to start a new business next year, compared to 6 percent who said they planned to do so this year.

· About 52 percent of all adults say they expect to save or invest more money, the same answer from the same percentage of respondents over the last two years.

Source: Harris Interactive (10/04/2010)