4 Ways to Ramp Up Your Marketing

Make your marketing standout by taking advantage of several technology tools to help you quickly create professional materials and expand your marketing reach, James Dwiggins, chief strategy officer with Realty World Northern California and Nevada, told attendees at a Tuesday session at the California Association of REALTORS® Expo in Anaheim, Calif.

Here are four of his tips:

1. Make sure to have leave-behind materials.
Customers aren’t going to remember everything you tell them when they’re interviewing you for the job to represent them, Dwiggins said. So make yourself more memorable by having a personal brochure all about you and the services that you provide, which you can leave with them to review later.

“For your brochure, think of it from a buyer and seller perspective: It’s not about you but what you can do for them,” Dwiggins said. Imprev is one company that can help you create professional brochures, as well as your other marketing materials so they all have a consistent look, Dwiggins said.

2. Ask for reviews.
Set up a profile page on review sites such as Yelp or Angie’s List, which can help generate word-of-mouth marketing. On these sites visitors can post reviews about your business. Ask for your clients to write reviews of your services by having a link to your Yelp page in your e-mail signature, Dwiggins suggested. (How about if you get a negative comment? Learn tips here on how to respond to negative reviews.)

3. Create professional CMAs.
Make a good impression with buyers and sellers with fancy, customized CMAs (comparative market analysis). Instead of just handing MLS sheets about all of the listings during buyer tours create a buyer tour presentation, such as through ToolkitCMA.com, Dwiggins said. The program will help you to quickly produce a professional report that features the type of property the buyer is looking for as well as details and photos of all of the listings viewed on the tour. Another CMA builder, Cloud CMA, also can make creating professional CMAs simple, Dwiggins said. You can even use it to create reports from your smartphone.

4. Find ways to incorporate video.
The audience online for videos continues to grow so get your marketing before more prospects by incorporating video into your business, such as by featuring a video of you talking about the services you offer or a city video tour that sets out to establish you as a community expert.

If you need production assistance, Wellcome Mat contains a searchable database of videographers so that you can find someone in your area to help you film your video, Dwiggins said. The company also will help you distribute your video online.

If you already have the photos and video footage, you can try Animoto. You upload your photos and videos and Animoto then will create a professional video of your media synched to music.

Dwiggins also suggested using TubeMogul, which will automatically syndicate your videos to multiple video distribution sites all at once.

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey for REALTOR® Magazine online