Foreclosure Halt Creates Problems for Buyers
A recent focus on lenders’ handling of mortgage paperwork for distressed properties could hold up transactions.
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Mortgages Hit Lowest Levels Since 1950s
The last time borrowers could get rates this low, every television was black and white and Americans liked Ike.
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3 Tips for Negotiating Short Sales
Kathy Mehringer, who educates real estate agents on short sales, offersher three best tips for working with lenders on these complex transactions.
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Mortgage Paperwork-Sharing Bill Vetoed
President Obama vetoed a bill that would have legalized electronic notarization across state lines. The White House said the rationale for the decision was to avoid “unintended consequences on consumer protections.”
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Get Clients to Rave About Your Business
Real estate coach Bernice Ross offers some strategies on how to make a friend now and a deal later.
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Pop-Up Stores Taking Off in Down Market
Many retailers find temporary locations advantageous, particularly during the holiday season.
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Foreclosure Reviews Loom Over Market
5 Tech Tools You Need in 2011
Barb Schwarz on Staging and Pricing