Agent Sounds Off at BofA on YouTube

Real estate pro Leigh Brown of Concord, S.C., took to YouTube to post a video of herself venting about how Bank of America attempted to foreclose on a home days after she already sold it in a short sale transaction.

Brown, on the video, describes how six days after closing the new buyers had unexpected guests show up (“security guards,” she says). The men took photos of the home and said the home was in foreclosure so they were there to secure the house removing furniture and capping some exposed wires. The men agreed to leave after the home owners said it was a mistake and that they had just purchased the house in a short sale.

Brown, an agent with RE/MAX Executive Realty, began contacting Bank of America immediately, but Brown says she didn’t get a call back from the bank until three to four weeks later.

When she did finally talk to a bank representative, she says “the annoying part to me was that he was basically not all that surprised. He basically said, ‘This happens.'”

So Brown decided to take to the social media channels to vent her frustration. Brown’s video generated 1,700 Internet views on YouTube and Twitter in a short time, catching the attention of Bank of America officials hours later.

Brown says the bank, who has a social media monitoring team, had seen her video and wanted to address the problem with the home owners and the real estate agents. “He was anxious to get a hold of the buyer’s agent and make it right,” she says.

Bank spokesman Rick Simon told the Charlotte Observer that the bank had inspected the vacant home earlier in January and submitted orders to have materials removed from the house. The short sale was completed on Jan. 27, but the paperwork never caught up and the home continued to go through the foreclosure process.

“Unfortunately, the system at field services did not reflect the change in ownership until Wednesday (Feb. 2), the same day the crew showed up from the vendor,” Simon says.

Source: “Realtor’s Video Gets BofA’s Attention,” Charlotte Observer (March 18, 2011)