Tablets Set Out to Dethrone Computers

Say goodbye to the traditional laptop and desktop
computer–tablet computers will soon be the only thing most people will need,
industry analysts predict. And real estate professionals are not immune to the
trend, continuing to unlock the business potential computer tablets offer in
keeping them in touch with their business while on the go.

Indeed, while global PC sales recently posted its largest drop
in nearly 10 years, tablet sales have been soaring.

In 2010, about 19 million tablets were sold worldwide when Apple
debuted its first iPad, which then set off a wave of tablet competitors. By the
end of this year, tablet sales are expected to more than double to 50 million
units. By 2012, industry analysts predict sales could reach 100 million.

“There’s definitely a huge swing to the
tablet market,” Rafael Barragan, manager of Best Buy in West Los Angeles–which
is quadrupling the size of its “Tablet Central” area–told the LA Times. “Pretty
soon everything is going to be touch-screen.”

In a recent survey by the Nielsen Company, nearly 77 percent of
tablet owners surveyed say they use tablets for tasks that they would have
previously used their computers for. About 35 percent of tablet owners said they
use their desktop computer less or not at all, and nearly a third of survey
respondents said the same about their laptop. Most of the tablet’s appeal is
that it offers increased portability, an easier interface, and faster start-up,
according to the survey respondents.

Source: “Will Tablet Computers Take
Consumer Reports (May 9, 2011